[Cartoweb-dev] Help - GPS

Israel Bastos israel.almeida at unitech.com.br
Thu Aug 10 07:50:49 EDT 2006

Hi people,

I'm new in this group and I got surprised with this project, I'm from Brazil
and i make plans to do my graduated project using GIS, off course, using
some concepts of cartoweb.
Initially, my ideia is to do studies relationed with congestion traffic in a
city to improve some support for make decision releated with it.
I must use informations from a data warehouse....
So, i will need a good GPS equipament( low cost ) to put into a car because
i will intersect this information(locations) to a real cartographical data
with a good precision.
If someone knows any equipament that i could be using, please tell me.
I imagined something that use bluetooth ou wi-fi for comunication.

In the truth i didn't define yet a scope project and i want to do a good
job, something that will help many people, so, if someone have any ideias to
add i will be very thankful for sugestions.

thanks for any help,


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