[Cartoweb-dev] CartoWeb 3.3.0 released

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Thu Aug 31 12:26:55 EDT 2006


CartoWeb 3.3.0 is released!
It is available for download at http://cartoweb.org/downloads.html

Among changes:
- Added accounting infrastucture, to log request informations. This can 
be used for statistics.
- Added tools for queries by point, polygon and circle (in addition to 
existing query-by-bbox tool).
- Added AJAX support in plugins.
- Added WMS-layers browsing plugin.
- Added hooks capabilities in views processing.
- Added sampleProject, a start project to build your own ones upon it.
- Added DXF export.
- Added geostatistical plugin for choropleth map visualization.

You may try theses new functionnalities and others in the demos, 
available at http://cartoweb.org/demo.html

Thanks for using CartoWeb!

your CartoWeb Dev Team

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