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Alger, Richard at Tempe Richard.Alger at cbre.com
Fri Feb 24 10:24:58 EST 2006

Yes, it generates this error when it tries to create proxy objects.


I understand that I will have to manage state.


Are there any examples of someone using a dotnet consumer?




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Hi,  when did your tool generate this error message? when trying to
create the proxy objects?

Be aware that consuming Cartoserver web-services directly (not through
the Cartoclient) will require a whole bunch of logic (i.e. application
state concerns, that are not managed by the Cartoserver).


Alger, Richard @ Tempe wrote: 

I have successfully installed CartoWeb on my WInXP box.  I would like to
consume a CartoWeb web service with an ASP.net application


http://www.cartoweb.org/doc_head/docbook/xhtml/dev.soapcalls.html ,

I tried to add a web reference to my ASP.net project



It gave me this warning, "Custom tool warning: DiscoCodeGenerator unable
to initialize code generator.  No code generated."


How do I consume a CartoWeb web service with ASP.net?



Rich Alger



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