[Cartoweb-dev] Problem pdfRotate

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Tue Mar 13 10:35:21 EST 2007

I will try it.


Oliver Christen wrote:
> the pdfRotate is causing such problem because it was developped later 
> and hence its flow of operation is outside the main dhtml flow, 
> causing such conflicts. To be more precise, an additional function 
> call ("hidePdfFeature()") is attached to the tool buttons when using 
> pdfRotate, so each tool button have: 1 functions call for activation 
> of itself, 1 function call for the deactivation of the pdfRotate tool. 
> There is no way to know exactly which function will be called first 
> and which will finish first, hence causing the kind of problems you 
> noticed
> in the case of outline, the problem is as you stated it, outline is 
> activated before pdfRotate is deactivated
> one possibility is to create some kind of generic tool switcher 
> function that will be called when changing tools instead of the actual 
> "mainmap.*toolname*('map');" and "hidePdfFeature()" attached to the 
> tools buttons.
> that tool switcher will then call the specific tools cleaner and 
> initializer functions in order, first the the "hidePdfFeature()" then 
> the "mainmap.*toolname*('map');"
> that way, all tools follow the same flow and their 
> activation/deactivation is not random
> Regards,
> Oliver
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>> Hello,
>> I encountered the following problem: First, the preview rectangle for 
>> the pdfExport using pdfRotate is activated. Now I change the tool. In 
>> most cases the preview rectangle is removed as expected. However, 
>> some tools produce a JavaScript error instead of removing the 
>> rectangle, e.g. outline and measure tools. So far I could narrow this 
>> down to the following:
>> If an outline tool is selected, the corresponding outline_* function 
>> defined in dhtmlInit.js is called first. This function sets the 
>> current Layer to "outline_*". Afterwards, hidePdfFeature from 
>> dhtmlPdf.js is called and tries to hide the "pdf_overview" feature 
>> which seems to be a child of map_drawing. But, since the currentLayer 
>> is now "outline_*" and not "map_drawing", the call
>> aDisplay.currentLayer.removeChild(aDisplay.getDisplayFeature(feature));
>> fails, because there is no such child.
>> I see two solutions:
>> 1. hidePdfFeature should be called before any function that changes 
>> the current Layer.
>> 2. hidePdfFeature should not use the currentLayer property of 
>> aDisplay, but access "map_drawing" directly.
>> Unfortunately, I do not know how to realize any of these. Therefore, 
>> any suggestion would be very helpful.
>> Thanks,
>> Dirk
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