[Cartoweb-dev] [Bug 1380] label size in outline features depends on resolution when printing

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Wed May 2 11:34:56 EDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From emmanuel.belo at camptocamp.com  2007-05-02 11:34 -------
This bug may be solved in this file:

These 2 fonctions should be changed:

     * Generic function to multiply integer properties of a
     * php mapscript object of a given ratio.
     * @param mixed php mapscript object to update
     * @param array array of numerical properties to update
     * @param float multiplicative coefficient
    protected function updateProperties($obj, $properties, $ratio) {

     * Updates mapfile objects (layers, classes, styles) properties
     * according to the ratio between required resolution and mapserver one.
     * @param ms_layer_obj Mapserver layer object
     * @param float resolutions ratio
    protected function updateRatioParameters($layer, $resRatio) {

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