[Cartoweb-dev] new tab in template

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Oct 23 05:30:11 EDT 2007


Im not really sure to understand what you want to do.
do you want to *include* some content in your main page or
do you want to *link* to some files in your project (as your <path?> below 
may suggest)

if you want to include *static* content, simply put the files in the same 
folder as your project's cartoclient.tpl
and include the content with:
{include file='yourfilename.html'}
where you want the content to appear

if you want to create a link to some html files,
you must place your page_x.html in the htdocs folder in your project

the path is set by using the parameter type with an value (two singlequotes)
<a href="{r type=''}test.html{/r}">test</a>


> Hi All,
> I'm trying to add a new set of tab (read folder) under the main map like 
> the
> folder in the leftbar.
> I've added the js code and the css. When I recompile the project I can see
> the folders and I can click on them but they are empty:
> the pages are not displayed, all the pages are in the same directory. I
> think that the path is wrong, but I've set the absolute path, the http 
> path
> but nothing . Now If this piece of code is a tpl file which is loaded by 
> the
> main map and it is in the templates directory of the project, and if all 
> the
> pages are in the same directory, which is the path I 've to use ?
> <div class="tabBox" style="clear:both;">
>  <div class="tabArea">
>    <a class="tab" href="page_1.html" target="tabIframe2">page_1</a>
>    <a class="tab" href="page_2.html" target="tabIframe2">page_2</a>
>    <a class="tab" href="page_3.html" target="tabIframe2">page_3</a>
>    <a class="tab" href="<path?>page_4.html" target="tabIframe2">page_4</a>
>    <a class="tab" href="page_5.html" target="tabIframe2">page_5</a>
>  </div>
>  <div class="tabMain">
>    <h4 id="title">Top Picks</h4>
>    <div class="tabIframeWrapper"><iframe class="tabContent"
> name="tabIframe2" src="page_1.html" marginheight="8" marginwidth="8"
> frameborder="0"></iframe></div>
>  </div>
> </div>
> THanks in advance and best regards
> Giu
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