[Cartoweb-dev] New Plugin with Dropdown

Carolin Latze carolin.latze at unifr.ch
Wed Oct 24 10:01:23 EDT 2007


the reason is, that I copied it without thinking :-/ Well I found it out
some one minute before I received this mail.... Sorry. But is there any
documentation about the possible onchange values? That might be
interesting anyway.


Oliver Christen wrote:
> Hi
> posted.value=0 means handleHttpPostRequest will NOT be triggered. This
> is hardcoded somewhere.
> any reason why are you setting this value to 0 ?
> regards
> Oliver
>> Hi,
>> thanks, I will also do that :-) But I have another question. In
>> cartoclient.tpl I defined the dropdown with the following onchange
>> value:
>> javascript:document.carto_form.posted.value=0;FormItemSelected();
>> It seems, that this action does not trigger the handleHttpPostRequest
>> method in my plugin... I added some debug output and I see that this
>> method will not be executed if I select something in the menu. But if I
>> load another plugin, which also implements the handleHttpPostRequest
>> method and trigger it, the dropdown-plugin's handleHttpPostRequest will
>> also be executed. The latter behavior makes sense, but the first one
>> indicates that I chose the wrong onchange value, doesn't it?
>> Regards
>> Carolin
>> Oliver Christen wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> "drawing" interface content is done via renderForm
>>> handling a action is done via
>>> handleHttpGetRequest/handleHttpPostRequest
>>> it doesnt matter if you do it with one or two plugin, though I would
>>> preferably do it in one, simply to keep related logic together.
>>> regards
>>> Oliver
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I think, my question has to go to this list, not to the user list, but
>>>> I'm not sure about it.
>>>> I created a dropdown menu in a plugin, which should be used to select
>>>> something, which then triggers an action according to the selection.
>>>>> From my understanding, "drawing" the dropdown menu and handle the
>>>> selection should be different plugins... Can somebody confirm this? Or
>>>> is there a possibility to "draw" the menu and handle the user's
>>>> selection within the same plugin?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Carolin
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