[Cartoweb-dev] Table invisible?

Carolin Latze carolin.latze at unifr.ch
Mon Oct 29 10:27:24 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I try to write  a plugin which shoulds its result as table very similar
to the query coreplugin. I had a deeper look at the query
handlePreDrawing method. I now tried to reproduce its functionality:

public function handlePreDrawing($tabularInformationRequest){
(handlePreDrawing): ".$tabularInformationRequest->layr);
        $tabularInformationResult = new TabularInformationResult();
        $tables = array();
        $table = new Table;
        $table->tableId = $tabularInformationRequest->layr;
        $table->tableTitle = $tabularInformationRequest->layr;
        $this->log->debug("table->tableId (handlePreDrawing):
        $table->columnTitles = array("C1","C2","C3");
        $tableRow = new TableRow();
        $tableRow->cells = array("a","b","c");
        $table->rows[] = $tableRow;
        $table->totalRows = 1;
        $tabularInformationResult->tableGroup = new TableGroup();
        $tabularInformationResult->tableGroup->groupId = 'tabinfo';
        $tabularInformationResult->tableGroup->groupTitle =
        $tabularInformationResult->tableGroup->tables = $tables;

        // Applies the registred table rules
        $tablesPlugin =
        $groups =
        $tabularInformationResult->tableGroup = $groups[0];
        return $tabularInformationResult;

On the client side, I just add this tableGroup to the tables plugin. If
I execute the plugin, I see the name of the tableGroup in cartoweb, but
there is not table below. It seems, that the table is invisible, because
I can read out the table data on the client side (I tried to write them
into the log file and that works). How do I show that table?

Any hints appreciated


Carolin Latze
Research Assistant

Department of Computer Science
Boulevard de Pérolles 90
CH-1700 Fribourg

phone: +41 26 300 83 30

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