[Cartoweb-dev] [Bug 1286] Coreplugin override of server handleCorePlugin is now broken

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Thu Jul 31 04:57:38 EDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From oliver.christen at camptocamp.com  2008-07-31 04:57 -------
the problem a bit more subtile:

in the original location coreplugin, server side, the function handleCorePlugin
do not return anything, the return object is instantiated in function
handleDrawing, called later.

The test_project, we have a plugin "projectLocation" that extends location. In
that plugin the return object is instantiated in function handleCorePlugin.
And since it extends location, the return object will be instantiated a second
time in handleDrawing.
So the return object for plugin location is set twice and since we have a check
in ServerPluginHelper.php, function callHandleFunction, that check if the return
object is already set, we have a collision.

So the question is do we simply replace the existing return object ? we merge
them? we simply modify the projectLocation on server side to do the return in
handleDrawing instead of in handleCorePlugin ?

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