[Cartoweb-users] PGDijkstra installation

Sylvain Pasche sylvain.pasche at camptocamp.com
Tue Aug 2 08:08:01 EDT 2005

Le mardi 02 août 2005 à 13:11 +0200, Till Adams a écrit :
> Sylvain,
> thanks for that! That was it!
> Now playing around with the extension, do the demo-data ou deliverd with 
> the package work for the shortest_path_algorythm?

If you think about the data in the
cartoweb3/pgdijstra/test/data_postgis.sql and data_no_postgis.sql, yes
they should work with the shortest path algorithm.

Otherwise, if you want to use shapefiles, you can convert them with
shp2pgsql (in postgis package), and use the create_graph_tables function
(see test_postgis.sql).



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