[Cartoweb-users] Slow project

Alexandre Fellay alexandre.fellay at camptocamp.com
Mon Aug 8 04:06:34 EDT 2005

Hi David,
Many things can make CartoWeb and/or Mapserver slow, and it's quite hard 
to guess without more info. Certainly data optimization (tiling, 
indexing) has to be done.
Then can you give some details about your mapfile (number and type of 
layers for example)? Excerpts of it may even be more useful.
Alexandre Fellay

Caussin David wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> The cartoweb3 project that I am setting up becomes increasingly large.
> That take 20-30 seconds to be displayed on the screen. I find that too 
> much.
> What would you advise me to make more powerful this project?
> In addition, I use in this project a layer divided into CLASS.
> When i use the info-tool, cartoweb highlight all the elements in this 
> I checked and all the elements are independent... a small idea?
>  In advance thank you
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