[Cartoweb-users] CVS version Views and pot scripts

frequens frequens at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 11:10:21 EDT 2005

On 8/10/05, Alexandre Fellay <alexandre.fellay at camptocamp.com> wrote:
> You need gettext support enabled in php; check with a phpinfo request.

It is working. And everything was OK in non-CVS version.

> Then you need to have in your path the gettext utilities (msgfmt,
> msgcat...) used by the scripts. If the .mo still does not get
> compilated

Mo gets compiled.

you should have some error messages that can be useful.
> What's the init command you're using ?
cw3setup init or po2mo.php produce the same results and all necessary
merged po files (also for my project (xxxx), e.g. xxxx.fr.po) are
created. Also mo files in language specific LC_ messages directories
are correct and all done: e.g. demo.demo.mo, xxxx.xxxx.mo....

client2pot and server2pot scripts
produce only server.po and client.po in demo/po directory, not in
cartoweb/po one and definitively not in my xxxx/po one. The
server.demo.po is created in demo/po, but my server.xxxx.po is not
made in xxxx/po. And what happened with client.demo.po?

I am also missing some keywords (e.g. tips for tool buttons are
missing in any of the .po files.

As the CVS documentation is lagging behind here (understandably:-),
just another question:
Which server.po files are dominant (i.e used by po2mo or init), so
which one to edit? Upper level or project directory?

Sorry to bother you, best regards and thanks


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