[Cartoweb-users] CartoWeb and projections & dynamic filtering

Sebastian Albrecht albrecht at fielax.de
Mon Aug 22 13:09:45 EDT 2005

Hello cartoweb community,

I am very new to CartoWeb and I think the CartoWeb solution is a very
nice and scalable attempt to combine web services and the mapserver.

So what I definitly need to build my application in CartoWeb are two
to three things:

1. Support the change of projections including polar projection
This already works very well when I adjust the projection parameters
in my mapfile. Would it be possible to include a projection change
select box in the web frontend to change projections dynamically?
I think the initial extent, the extent of the referencemap and the
referencemap itself would have to be changed dynamically, too. I
suppose I will have to make a new client/server plugin?! Do you have
any proposals about that?

2. Dynamic filtering
Is it possible to do dynamic filtering of the processed data? This
actually only means setting the FILTER parameter in the LAYER of the
map file or via mapscript. In my app the user should be able to select
two dates: BEGIN and END. Only data (from PostGIS table) which is in
between these date should be shown. Again - any proposals?

3. Sorry I think these are already enough questions for the moment.

I just like to check what is possible, what could be possible and
how much work would it be before I start developing and failing a few
months later because something is not as expected...

Best regards,

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