[Cartoweb-users] 3 questions about Views

frequens frequens at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 08:53:45 EDT 2005

On 8/25/05, Alexandre Saunier <alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com> wrote:

> First, views use the session content to store the plugin state. Thus it
> cannot correctly work if one of the plugins to save has no session
> storage capability. Make sure that all your "viewable" plugins implement
> the "Sessionable" interface.

Sorry, my description of the problem was obviously not a complete one.
This happens when trying to load a "View" link from a weblink or one
contained in an email message. And it is obviously perfectly normal
that it does not function as the first-time user has no initiated
session at all.

Is there anyway way around this, since the URL loading is a very nice
"shortcut" to point visitors exactely to the location and information

> I would not be surprised that
> your "query" plugin, even though it does implement Sessionable, does not
> save any session stuff. It's certainly because you  have not made
> queries persistent by setting "persistentQueries" to "true" in your
> query.ini.

Of course you are perfectly right!!!
Just a question: Why is this setting bound to views capability to show
selected data? When the view is loaded the data are still selected
on-the-fly with the help of the view stored bbox?!

> The answer is no and the raison is quite simple: views are user-made
> content and thus in most cases it's difficult to know in advance what
> would be the name translations. However you may override your templates
> to insert {t} tags in the views list selector or else modify the views
> plugin and config (viewMetas in client.ini) to enable the user to input
> the views names in several languages...

Thank you very much. Will try.



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