[Cartoweb-users] Outline plugin issues

zze-SIGALE PORTANERI F ext RD-BIZZ-SOP fportaneri.ext at rd.francetelecom.com
Wed Aug 31 11:33:26 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I did post this request on the cartoweb-dev, but no feedback... Hope to
be luckier here...
I have a little config problem with the outline plugin under a new
project with the associated labels of outline shapes:

The outline plugin runs fine under the demo project, and I added it
under my project loadPlugins list.

I also well added in my mapfile the 3 specific layer definitions for
cartoweb_point_outline, cartoweb_line_outline and
cartoweb_polygon_outline from the demo sample (including the LABEL
sections), and I just copied the demo outline.ini my server_conf/map_dir
to define the pointLayer, lineLayer and polyLayer:

If I set labelMode = false in my client_conf/outline.ini, everything is
OK, outline shapes are well displayed on the mainmap.

But if labelMode = true, mapserver generates no output images under
www-data/images, and I have the following message:

class:   SoapFaultWrapper
message:   mainmap image not generated yet

No particular error messages appear in the logs, the lastest lines are:
Cartoserver: 1113 [4405] DEBUG ClientResponderHelper  - plugin result:
outlineResult = Object id #181
Cartoserver: 1114 [4405] DEBUG CoreProviderHelper  - Calling
callHandleFunction for plugin images
Cartoserver: 1115 [4405] WARN CoreProviderHelper  - calling function

Any pointing direction to investigate for fixing this?

Thanks in advance,

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