[Cartoweb-users] tip for the po2mo compiling on win xp

Guillaume DOUKHAN guillaume.doukhan at oncfs.gouv.fr
Thu Jul 7 11:24:29 EDT 2005

First, sorry for my english...

Just a little tip if someone encounters the same problem than me.
I work on Windows XP and I wanted to compile a new po file to mo for the 
The script po2mo.php is made for Linux and is not ok for WinXp. It 
realizes the treatments on po files but it doesn't create the mo file.
So you just have to execute po2mo to create the file project.project.po
And then you download the free software poedit and execute it. You open 
your file project.project.po and you save it with poedit. It creates the 
mo file in the same directory! Then you just have to move your file to 

I hope this tip will help someone. Good luck!

Guillaume DOUKHAN
Responsable Projet SIG
Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage
Tel : ou
Mail : guillaume.doukhan at oncfs.gouv.fr

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