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Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Fri Jul 22 02:59:17 EDT 2005

thanks very much Alexandre. I'll try that. Can you just tell me if
someone has a suggestion on my internalization problem I have described.

thanks very much

dejan gambin

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Hi Dejan,
You can't fold/unfold direct children of a block-rendered layergroup. 
The work-around I suggest is to insert an intermediate level like

layers.root.children = layergroup1_up, layergroup2_up
layers.root.rendering = block ... layers.layergroup1_up.children =
layergroup1  ; intermediate level, 1 
child only
layers.layergroup1_up.rendering = tree
layers.layergroup1.children = layer1, layer2  ; that's the "real" 
layers.layergroup1.rendering = tree

If you don't want the label (of layergroup1_up)  to appear in the 
block's frame, you'll have to slightly modify the template layers.tpl

Gambin Dejan wrote:

>Is it possible to create the layer hierarchy something like this:
>|+LayerGroup1	|
>|	+layer1	|
>|	+layer2	|
>|		|
>|+LayerGroup2	|
>|	+layer1	|
>|	+layer2	|
>|		|
>...so I want layer groups to be created in blocks (I set root rendering

>to block that is ok), and each layer group to have folding/unfolding 
>link (so I can select/deselect all layers in that group)? If I set 
>layergroup1 and layergroup2 rendering to tree, I don't get 
>folding/unfolding link for layergroups, just for layers. If I set root 
>rendering to tree, then I get folding/unfolding links for layergroups 
>but layer groups are not created in blocks...
>regards, dejan
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