[Cartoweb-users] Recentering issue - full extent

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Mon Jul 25 02:53:35 EDT 2005

Hi, me again

I am tring to solve the problem I explained, regarding the recentering
issue when I click the full_extent button. I have looked in the code and
it seems like:
- when you click the full_extent button form element recenter_none gets
name recenter_bbox with a value set in template file
- the form is submitted and the function handleHttpPostRequest is
calling handleBboxRecenter function that populates locationRequest and
it returns so no rescaling should be done

...but why then the scale changes to maximal scale and the image size
stays the same so the result is that my map is occupying only a small
portion of image size? I have tried the demo and everything seems fine
so I guess I am doing something wrong.

can someone help?



dejan gambin

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Sorry for so much questions but it will get better when I configure
everything as it should be.

I am experiencing some strange stuff while recentering to full extent:

1. I didn't realise I had to change my toolbar.tpl and set full extent
coordinates to work correctly. Can it be done somehow different so that
I don't have to change it in template?

2. How is the map size related to extent dimensions? I have two map
sizes, for example 220x200 and 440x400. My map EXTENT is 5398796 4960135
5420216 4979475. I show 220x200 map in full extent, then I select
440x400 and the map is correctly scaled so that ic occupies the entire
image. But when I click the full_extent button, the map size remains
440x400 but the scale gets maximal so the map is small and occupies only
the small portion of the image size.

3. Can the reference map (keymap) be resized depending of the image

regards, dejan

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