[Cartoweb-users] test_project problems

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Thu Jul 28 02:04:42 EDT 2005


I would really like to know if there is a developer who can help (if
everybody is on a vacation, great, I am going too:)).

I can't get test_project to work. I am trying to log/debug but I can't
understand the problem. The last thing I realised is that it stops in
layers renderForm function (ClientLayers.php). It calls
$template->assign and never passes this function although this function
comes to the end. I just can't understand what is happening and what am
I doing wrong, possibly something very simple.

thanks and regards

dejan gambin

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I have realised that I have not copied all neccessary cvs files so I got
the previous error because no folders.css could be found.

Now I have downloaded the latest cvs version, I have copied all the
files to my web accessible folder, set the client.ini BaseProviderURLs,
started demo.php and client.php but nothing is displayed?

What can be wrong?


dejan gambin

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