[Cartoweb-users] Problem including the file compiled from layers.tpl

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Thu Jul 28 08:29:22 EDT 2005


How can I set the profile to "development"? Is it enough to set
showDevelMessages and developerIniConfig to true? Just to inform you, my
layers.tpl file is being compiled and I have xxxxlayers.tpl.php file but
it seems it is corrupted.

regards, dejan

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if a page fail to compile, it may be caused by a smarty error. Be sure
to have the profil set to "development" in your client.ini, or look for
unclosed smarty tags { }, missing or unknow variables or so

Camptocamp SA

> Hi,
> After more investigation I can confirm that it fails when including 
> xxxxxlayers.tpl.php from templates_c folder, I don't know why. When I 
> try to copy another file to that name it passes so there must be 
> something with this compiled file. I also tried to delete the file to 
> let cartoweb create new one, but the same happens with the new one 
> (which is identical of course).
> Any help??
> dejan gambin

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