[Cartoweb-users] pdf settings

Fred Bauer kerso68 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 14 09:02:11 EDT 2005


I succeeded in solving the problem of scale in pdf.  Simply by putting a 
maxscale of 74000 at the place of 50000 (60000 was not enough!). But it is 
still mysterious for me.
And you were right for the ways. In fact I don't used relative way, but I 
used http://localhost/carto/ instead of the servername.

I have now other questions :
- when using a resolution of 300dpi for the pdf, the fontsize from the scale 
and the drawings (outline plugin) become very very small. And it's not 
possible to change the fontsize through de exportpdf.ini. The scale and the 
drawings are considered as pictures. Is there any solution ?
- My second question is about the margin in a page in format A3. All my 
horizontalMargin or verticalMargin are to 10 or less. But on the pdf the 
margin are about 45. The problem appears only in format A3. Which parameters 
could I change ?
- My last question is about the queries tables. Sometimes the tables are too 
big in width, and the result isn't readable. How could I split the tables if 
it they are bigger than the page width ?

A last question about the mailing list, I'm not accustomed to it. How can I 
answer specifically to a post, without sending a mail all? Should I answer 
specifically to the person who sent the post?

Cartoweb is a very usefull tool.
And thank you for your help !


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