[Cartoweb-users] Sorry for the wrong posting

Dejan Gambin dejan.gambin at pula.hr
Sun Nov 20 02:12:19 EST 2005


Sorry I posted my last mail to this group instead to another one. I don't
know why but I feel I need to add some notes here:

Since I am doing my map site development all by myself, I need to use
something that is not difficult to setup and support, but powerfull enough
as I need some powerfull features.

Now, Cartoweb is more than powerfull for me, but as I am not an experienced
developer, it scares me a little bit. I was planning to try and test
Chameleon, as it looked good enough and easier to develop than Cartoweb, and
because I thought it has a bigger comunity that can help me when I come to
trouble. Right now I am not sure if this is true...

Last months I have been actively watching Cartoweb list; there were not so
many postings, no changes on the site, no new releases....but then you came
with a completely new version that is great....so it is time for me to think

Anyway, great job you have done


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