[Cartoweb-users] demoCW3

Alexandre Fellay alexandre.fellay at camptocamp.com
Thu Nov 24 07:54:22 EST 2005

Hi Paul,
Well, I would rather recommend you to make a copy of the project demoCW3, so as 
to have a folder my_project in the projects. Then launch
cw3setup.php --install --base-url=...
to enable this new project.
You may also find useful to go to the folder cartoweb3/htdocs/, and there to 
copy demoCW3.php to my_project.php, then edit this new file to put the name of 
the new project in the ENV variable. You'll then be able to access your project 
with the url [base_url]/my_project.php

If you only want to make changes to the displayed layers and data, everything 
you have to modify is in the server_conf of your project. Let us say you keep 
the filenames of demoCW3; the files you have to edit are demoCW3.map (and maybe 
demoCW3.sym), demoCW3.ini (to set the initial state of the map) and layers.ini 
(to describe the hierarchy of layers). You can store you geodata anywhere, as 
long as the SHAPEPATH in the mapfile is setted accordingly. Modifications in 
other .ini files, in server_conf or in client_conf of the project, could also be 

Alexandre Fellay

Paul Shapley wrote:
> Dear All,
> Having got the demo working i would like to use 'demoCW3' but using
> our own shapefiles, images, Legend symbols etc. What is the quickest
> way to achieve this for a demonstration.
> The path appears to be:
> c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\projects\demoCW3\Server_conf\demoCW3
> are there any further changes to any other files/dependencies
> elsewhere in this huge hierachy of files?.
> Many thanks,
> Paul Shapley
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