[Cartoweb-users] Clean up mapframe...

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Fri Nov 25 07:49:00 EST 2005

I probably did not pay enough time to think about it, but the simplest 
way to clear the "canvas", is to have something like following and call 
it when the new map is loaded (withou any page reload):

function clearMap() {
  mainmap.getDisplay('map').currentLayer.innerHTML = '';

Note that it has not been tested.

Besides, we, at camptocamp, have also been working on an Ajax 
implementation. We're interested in such developpements if you are about 
to share.



Bruno Maluche Neto a écrit :

> Hello... I´m doing some changes in Cartoweb... I added Ajax to 
> eliminate submit... So I dont need to createMap() each map´s iteration...
> The problem is each zoomin, zoomout or pan add a cursor on screen 
> (cross or a box) and I need to clean up it... How can I do that 
> without use createMap() ???
> Thank you
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