[Cartoweb-users] Can't load mapscript library - Suse 10

Pebble Puppy pebble_puppy at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 6 08:36:45 EDT 2006


Thanks for the tip.  I took a look and found that I do not have the 'php' 
directory in /usr/local/include.  I added php/ext and copied in the 
php_mapscript.so, restarted apache, but still the error.

I went looking and found that I do have 
/usr/local/apache2/php/include/php/ext but the .so wasn't in there.  I 
copied it in, restarted apache, but the same problem.

When building PHP I used the following configure:

/usr/local/php-5.1.2 # ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2/php 
--with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs --with-pgsql --enable-dbase 

Thanks again for the idea.

Regards, Robert

> > I have verified that I have the "php_mapscript.so" in
> >/usr/local/mapserver-4.8.2/mapscript/php3/ and I have also copied this 
> >/usr/local/apache2/php
>If you did not fiddle with the paths when compiling php, I would say
>php_mapscript.so has to reside in /usr/local/include/php/ext
>At least on my Suse10 this is the case.

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