[Cartoweb-users] Undefined index error on FID field

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Fri Apr 7 03:44:33 EDT 2006

If you have FID as attribute in your data, I assume your try to load a 

As far as I know, FID cannot be used as index because cartoweb is not 
able to retrieve this information from mapserver. You must use another 
field as id attribute.


Giorgio Plazzotta wrote:

>I don't know why when I try to use the identify tool on a layer I get the
>Class : SoapFaultWrapper
>Message : Error [8, Undefined index:  FID,
>C:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\coreplugins\query\server\ServerQuery.php, 147
>even if of course the FID field  (internal index field) is indexed.
>If i create another field and use it as index in the metadata mapfile I
>don't get this error, but why? what's wrong?
>in the metadata section i inserted something like this
>      "id_attribute_string" "FID|integer"
>      "query_returned_attributes" "CANTIERE"
>    END
>i also used the
>      "exported_values" "recenter_name_string,id_attribute_string"
>      "recenter_name_string" "CANTIERE"
>But no success
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