[Cartoweb-users] Undefined index error on FID field

Giorgio Plazzotta plazzotta at tiscalinet.it
Fri Apr 7 12:45:26 EDT 2006

Thanx Y but as the manual says the correct syntex should be:
chapter 9.3.1
  "id_attribute_string" "FID|string"
  "query_returned_attributes" "FID FNAME"
END the index on the FID internal field is created, i checked with ArcGIS
but it still says FID is not a proper index.

Pierre Giraud says that the FID internal field cannot be used as an index
field in the queries and it can explain that but ... why in the example of
the official manual is it reported?
Now I had to create a new integer field with a different name, copy the
values of the FID field into it, create an index on it and the declare it as
"id_attribute_string" but ... as STRING (not integer). Are we sure this is
what everybody does to make a shapefile layer queriable a table with the
identify tool?


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