[Cartoweb-users] 2 Plugin queries

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Wed Apr 12 04:56:13 EDT 2006

Hello Oliver,

Oliver Ishmael wrote:
> 1). I have added the layerReorder plugin to my cartoweb project which 
> looks very smart, however, the 'refresh' button on the tab does not 
> work. How and where is this configured?

The layerReorder plugin is configured in client_conf/layerReorder.ini. 
Options are described in the manual:

Anyway I'm not sure that your "refresh" malfunction is related to the 
config. This plugin is embedded in the default CW project ("test_main"). 
Does it work properly in the latter project?

There are some javascript actions bound to the button push. Do you get 
JS errors when clicking on it?

> 2). I have also added the Views plugin, which currently saves the 
> layers/features selected but does not zoom to the correct extent when 
> loaded. How can i fix this?

It seems that the location plugin data are not recorded as they should. 
Check in cartoweb3/client_conf/client.in and in your project client.ini 
that "location" is listed in "viewablePlugins".
Please note that if you extended the location plugin in your project, 
you have to replace "location" by your plugin name in "viewablePlugins".


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