[Cartoweb-users] Re: TableRules and $inputvalues

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Thu Apr 20 02:51:32 EDT 2006

Hello Giorgio,

What is the LAYER definition in your mapfile corresponding to the 
requested feature(s) ?
And what are the attribute field available in the corresponding data 
(shapefile, postGIS table, etc ...) ?



Giorgio Plazzotta wrote:

>print_r($inputvalues) returns to me just  array()
>i think it shoudn't.. true?
>>try adding something like
>>in computeQueryUrl().
>>Thus you'll see what's available in the function argument and possibly
>>what's going wrong.
>>Giorgio Plazzotta wrote:
>>>But in the
>>>    public function computeQueryUrl($tableId, $inputValues) {
>>>        if (!empty($inputValues['FID'])) {
>>>            $url = sprintf('<a href="%s%d" target="_blank">%s</a>',
>>>                           'http://some/base/url?id=',
>>>                           $inputValues['cod_loc'],
>>>                           I18n::gt('More'));
>>>        }
>>>        return array('url' => $url);
>>>    }
>>>i always get an error message of UNDEFINED INDEX on that field and this
>>>applies also if i try to change field.
>>>It seems that the $inputValues variable is not returning the content of 
>>>and also if i just use the statement
>>>        $url = $inputValues['FID'];
>>>I get the error
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