[Cartoweb-users] warnings during cw3setup.php

Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Fri Apr 21 08:03:40 EDT 2006

Le Vendredi 21 Avril 2006 13:56, Pierre GIRAUD a écrit :
> Kenton Williams wrote:
> >"oliver" <oliver.christen at camptocamp.com> on Friday, April 21, 2006 at 2:29 
AM -0500 wrote:
> >>The warning should not appear after the first --install.
> >>Check in the projects client.ini if the cartoclientBaseUrl was set.
> >>Eventually you can edit the client.ini and set the cartoclientBaseUrl
> >>manually
> >
> >We are using Cartoweb 3.2 on Debian.  The warning that the base-url was
> > not set in the projects' client.ini is not true - I looked and the base
> > URL does appear in the file correctly.  I'm glad to hear that the
> > shortcut should be created as I did. Thanks!
> >
> >Kenton W.
> >
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> I tested the url of your project, the error given in browser is now :
> Message : You are not using PHP as a cgi and PHP Mapscript extension is
> loaded in your php.ini. As this will cause stability problems, CartoWeb
> stopped.
>  You need to remove the php_mapscript extension loading of your php.ini
> file.
> As said in this message, you should remove or comment in your php.in
> file the line containing something like :
> extension php_mapscript.so
> Pierre
Does CW3 being use with php as module ? I thank that php_mapscript has to be 
use with php as cgi ?

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