[Cartoweb-users] failure - cannot find

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Apr 21 09:25:58 EDT 2006

The --clean option do not have the power to make your php switch from cgi to 
module usage.
Somehow something was modified in the apache or php configuration file.

Verify there is no extension=php_mapscript.so in your php.ini and that there 
is a directory rule for the cartoweb3 folder to run all php in cgi in your 
apache config, something like:
ScriptAlias /php/ "/path/to/php/"
<Directory /your/path/to/cartoweb3>
 Action php-script /php/php-cgi.exe
 AddHandler php-script .php .html
 Options ExecCGI Indexes

( just in case, to verify, place a simple php file containing <?php 
phpinfo(); ?> in the htdocs folder of cartoweb3 and access it via the 
browser. In Server API it must say CGI/FastCGI )


> Hello,
> I ran the cw3setup.php --clean and now not even the demoCW3 project works. 
> The demoCW3 project was working beforehand.  The error I get now is:
> Class : SoapFaultWrapper
> Message : You are not using PHP as a cgi and PHP Mapscript extension is 
> loaded in your php.ini.
> As this will cause stability problems, CartoWeb stopped.
> You need to remove the php_mapscript extension loading of your php.ini 
> file.
> If you want to remove this message, edit server_conf/server.ini and set 
> the disablePHPModuleCheck parameter to true.
> PHP on this server was obviously being used as a cgi prior to running the 
> setup with the --clean option.  I will change to development and see if 
> the problems go away.
> Before I do that, I decided to try running 
> cw3setup.php --clean --install --base-url (my base URL).  Now I get the 
> following error:
> Class : SoapFaultWrapper
> Message : Client Error
> Any ideas what is causing this?
> Kenton W.

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