[Cartoweb-users] cartoserver.wsdl.php ?

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Tue Apr 25 04:33:08 EDT 2006

I got it! ;)

http://url.to/server/cartoserver.wsdl.php?... is indeed an example URL. 
We could also have used something like:
It is simply an example URL that you have to adapt to your own case.

cartoserver.wsdl.php is actually in cartoweb3/htdocs/ and not in 
cartoweb3/server/ where are indeed located cartoserver.wsdl and 

Concerning your SoapClient class not found:
it seems that your new project use SOAP to make cartoclient and 
cartoserver communicate but with the SOAP extension not activated in 
your PHP. Is there a cartoserverDirectAccess = false in one of your 

Jacolin Yves wrote:
> Well, I worked on the bad directory because I read url.to/server/.... so I am 
> looking for a directory server ! It was not clear to me (maybe due to my bad 
> english) to use localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs/ ... I found it but ....
> Apache log tells me that php can find the SoapClient Class. Si I am wondering 
> if I am not completly lost ! Surely I don't understand something. I need to 
> improve/change some plugin so I work on the developper's documentation.
> I found a figure that look nice, but so difficult to read (so low 
> resolution !).
> Anyway, if you have any idea about my class not found  (I just copy past and 
> adapt it t omy mapfil : test.test). Thanks !
> Y.
> Le Mardi 25 Avril 2006 10:00, vous avez écrit :
>>That's weird!
>>What version of CartoWeb are you using? What archive/installer have you
>>In regular CW distributions, there is actually a cartoserver.wsdl.php in
>>cartoweb3/htdocs/ but no cartoserver.wsdl!
>>Jacolin Yves wrote:
>>>I am working on the example of the developers documentation. It tells to
>>>use cartoserver.wsdl.php, it seems this file does not exist on my
>>>cartoweb installation, but I found cartoserver.php and cartoserver.wsdl
>>>?!! Is it an error, or something else ?

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