[Cartoweb-users] re:question

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Thu Jan 5 03:36:20 EST 2006

OK. In fact WAMP 1.5 and newer comes with PHP5.1.x whereas the CartoWeb 
installer provides a mapscript DLL for PHP5.0.x (then not compatible 
with PHP5.1.x).

Mapscript for PHP5.1.x and Win32 is available for download at 
http://cartoweb.org/downloads.html#msw but you'll have to fix your setup 
by hand.

It is simpler for you to download a less recent WAMP installer (WAMP 
1.4.5a) which provides PHP5.0.x and which is available in the WAMP archive:
direct download link is:

=> Uninstall your current WAMP 1.5 (this will uninstall CW3 as well) 
then reinstall WAMP 1.4.5a and eventually CW3 with the normal installer.

Victor Contreras wrote:
> thanks
> The error is when launching in browser ( http://localost........) 
> <http://localost........)/>.. I to install wamp5 1.5 . and cartoweb 
> 3.1.0 for Windows to installer. The message appears in Spanish and it 
> talks about to that libreria does not find one dinamica and in browser 
> appears phrases of Failure...
> and it does not load dll. It seems to me that mapscript does not load dll

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