[Cartoweb-users] Mapserver Error (Pierre)

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Jan 6 07:48:12 EST 2006

Hi Paul,

when you say :
"...when you use the 'phpinterpreter' from /usr/local/php5/bin/ it cannot open it."

what error message are you getting ?

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  Hello Pierre,

  I just want to use the Cartoweb (demoCW3) Demo but substitute your Italian data with ours. I need know only where the files/folders are to make the necessary changes. Later it can be developed to our own specifications when i have a better understanding of 'Apache/Mapserver/PHP' functionalities etc. As i understand it Mapserver requires an initial reference image for display. This comes from the .map file and the default location (bbox) in ' demoCW3.ini' in my project file.

  It would be really helpful to get Cartoweb working on Mac and PC. I'm sorry i did not supply all the information i'm learning as i go and i'm forward to getting it up and running soon.

  In Mac OS X i'm unable to open 'cw3setup.php' because as you rightly suggested it uses php 4.3.11 by default, when you use the 'phpinterpreter' from /usr/local/php5/bin/ it cannot open it.

  Many Thanks,

  P. Shapley


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