[Cartoweb-users] Do I need Apache/PHP... if I only use dijkstrafunction with PostGIS?

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Jan 10 04:35:08 EST 2006

Hi Fay,

Sylvain Pasche who is actually our master es routing at Camptocamp is 
actually in vacation, so i will give it a try.
According to the documentation, you can use the  Pgdijkstra module in stand 
alone (ie. without anything else) You only need some script or whatever to 
trigger a sql query on the module. See the Pgdijkstra readme for more info 
( http://www.cartoweb.org/downloads/pgdijkstra/README.txt )

Here are some resources links that may be usefull for you:

I hope this help you a little bit.

Oliver Christen
Camptocamp SA

>Hi all:
>Do I need to install Apache, PHP, MapServer PHP/MapScript, if I only want 
>use routing function (dijkstra) in PostGIS? Can I just install PostgreSQL 
>and PostGIS and CartoWeb, without installing other things? Many thanks for 
>you help.
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