[Cartoweb-users] Question about to compile pgdijkstra under windows

Fay Du fay.du at versaterm.com
Mon Jan 16 09:06:29 EST 2006

Hi All:
I am interested at using pgdijkstra module. I found a few issues, such
as partial one-way, partial two-way network, segments with same
start/end nodes (they are not bad segments and we have to keep them).
And I post my questions in the list. So far, I have not gotten any
answers. I think the current module works this way, and I should do some
change on to meet my requirements. 
Would someone to tell me how I can compile the module under Windows? I
have Microsoft Visual C++ installed on my computer, does it work? If
anyone has done it, would you please to show me you project file? I
understood that under Windows, the dll file was already compiled and
ready for users to install. Thanks in advance.
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