[Cartoweb-users] ask for models which can descript two segments share end points

Sylvain Pasche sylvain.pasche at camptocamp.com
Mon Jan 16 12:58:47 EST 2006

Le lundi 16 janvier 2006 à 12:12 -0500, Fay Du a écrit :
> Hi all:
> After read boots.org page, I understand why pgdijkstra module does not
> allow two segments share end points (see attachment). The graph model
> it uses adjacency_list does not allow two segments share end points.
> May I know any other model which can model this kind of network? Many,
> many thinks.

What's important to consider, is that if you intend to use this kind of
graph to perform shortest path computation, you can easily reduce it to
a graph which has only one edge connecting your two vertices. You just
need to consider the edge which has the lowest associated cost. This
should be garanteed that you get the right shortest path.



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