[Cartoweb-users] Undefined offset: 0

oliver.christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Jan 17 14:27:49 EST 2006

this a normal behaviour, as you are accessing your project via the dropdown 
try adding a shortcut php file, as described in the Tips&Trick paragraph of 
the Tutorial, this will allow you to access your project directly and the 
reset session will have more meaning.

Also concerning your offeset 0 problem, did you removed the unused/wrong 
initialmapstats of the /server_conf/"yourproject"/"yourproject".ini file ?


> Hi all,
> In response to Alexandre Saunier posting on Mon Jan 16 12:59:02 EST 2006:
>>" what if you try to reset the session (by clicking on the "Back to 
>>initial map" link in the failure page)?"
> At the base of the page is a blue arrow, clicking on it returns me to 
> test_main project.
> what does this suggest??
> Cheers
> Olly
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