[Cartoweb-users] Implementing a History

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Thu Jan 19 08:32:49 EST 2006

Hi Sylvain,

I will do it.


Sylvain Pasche wrote:

>Hi Dirk,
>If you intend to add history capabitlity to CartoWeb, I think it would
>be more useful to do it not only for the location plugin, but for the
>whole application. This could be done at a higher level than the plugin
>level, a bit like Views are handled.
>Such a global history mechanism would then allow to go back to a
>previous state, keeping not only the location, but also the state of
>other plugins like layers, outline, ...
>Such a system should offer an option to keep only history for some
>plugins like location, which is what you want for instance. Doing so, it
>would solve the problem with the views, because Views would still be
>snapshot of the current state of the map, and will not store the
>previous state at the moment the view is taken.
>Of course, this is quite more work than just location history, but it
>would offer a more global solution to this problem, and can address a
>wider range of possibilities (we could help you in this task, as it
>would provide a better user experience for Cartoweb).
>I propose you open a feature request about it on bugzilla [1], and we
>continue the discussion there.
>[1] http://bugzilla.maptools.org/
>Le jeudi 19 janvier 2006 à 13:16 +0100, Dirk Jesko a écrit :
>>I have been thinking about extending the Location plugin by some history 
>>functionality. I am now thinking about the best way to do this. My idea 
>>was to implement it completely on the client side in about the following 
>>* store the current bbox during initializeResult() in an array in 
>>locationState and
>>    - check that the history does not grow beyond a certain size 
>>(specified in ini-file)
>>    - check that the same bbox is not stored consecutively
>>    - some more integrity test and cleaning ...
>><http://dict.leo.org/se?lp=ende&p=/Mn4k.&search=consecutive>* add two 
>>buttons, like the pan- or fullExtent-buttons to the template
>>* handle the history buttons by issuing BboxLocationRequest
>>I would like to know, whether this would be a good way to realize a 
>>history? One problem that I see with this approach is, that the View 
>>Plugin stores the current history with a view, since (as far as I 
>>understand it) the plugin stores/loads the whole locationState object. 
>>Is there a possibility to load/store views without changing the history 
>>array inside locationState? Maybe store the history independent of the 
>>locationState object?
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