[Cartoweb-users] Outlining in Cartoweb

bram bram at terneuzen.com
Mon Jan 23 16:50:56 EST 2006

I read about the issue of making outlining persistent in this item of june 2005. That would be very interessting to me. Is there any improvement yet?



>>/Furthermore, is there a 
/>>/way to make the outlining persistent, by writing it to a file /
/>>/database  / whateven?
/>/Pierre Giraud (who also work on Camptocamp) had worked on this kind of 
/>/stuff this days, i let him answer on this point.
/In fact, the outline plugin is only a way to annontate a map.
As said by Olivier, we're now developping an editing plugin that will 
allow people to input/edit shapes using a javascript API on browser and 
write them (at first) on database.
Hope this will be soon available.

>>/Also, when i try to name my project "outline", i run into troubles
/>>/since  the %projectname%.ini has the same value as the outline.ini,
/>>/what is the  way to solve this?

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