[Cartoweb-users] Tables in edit plugins

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Mon Jun 5 06:00:50 EDT 2006

There is a small style definition in the edit.css file in the edit plugin.
If you need your custom css styles, overwrite it in your project, ie 
create the identical folder tree (plugins/edit/htdocs/css), copy/paste 
the edit.css file, edit it and relaunch the setup script.

What do you mean by position ?



Fabio D'Ovidio wrote:

>Hi !
>I'm working with edit plugin and I'd like to change table's style and its column position while 
>selecting features and displaying their attributes.
>How can I do ??
>Which is the .css that I have to modify?
>Thank you !
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