[Cartoweb-users] help with wms layer

Kenton Williams Kenton_Williams at umit.maine.edu
Wed Jun 7 09:06:20 EDT 2006

Jacolin Yves <yjacolin at free.fr> on Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 8:32 AM -0500 wrote:
>Thanks for the layer ;-)

No problem.  Perhaps the server I'm trying it on has a problem.  It does have a number of other quirks.

For information's sake, the JPL website that I found containing that Landsat 7 global mosaic has a bunch of other freely accessible WMS layers including the Blue Marble (MODIS global image), Blue Marble Next Generation (global MODIS available in 12
different versions - one for each month), daily MODIS imagery, elevation, and others.  It's worth checking out.  Just search for JPL global mosaic WMS in a search engine and you should find the page.

Kenton W.

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