[Cartoweb-users] New project problem - browser wants to download php instead of running it

Pebble Puppy pebble_puppy at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 22 10:15:38 EDT 2006


Yes, I have restarted the web server (Apache) and have restarted the browser 
(Firefox) and cleared the browser cache.  I should have mentioned that I am 
running Suse 10.1.

Thanks, Bob

Did you try to restart your web server ?
It might help in some way.



Pebble Puppy wrote:

>After successfully installing and running demoCW3, I am now creating a new 
>project of my own, following the guidelines in 
>Everything is going fine with the project until I get to the "Your Own 
>Data" section.  After going through the 6 bulleted items in that section, 
>when I try to run 'http://localhost/cartoweb/mytest.php' which has 
>previously run just fine, I now get a pop-up window prompting me to either 
>open the mytest.php or save it to the local disk.  The web site does not 
>open.  When saving to the local disk the mytest.php is empty.
>I've checked the permissions and have gone through the steps again.  But 
>the problem persists.  Any ideas on what I should be checking for next?
>Thanks, Robert

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