[Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb project on hosting server

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Thu Jun 22 17:30:02 EDT 2006

Le Jeudi 22 Juin 2006 22:24, Alex Kuznetsov a écrit :
> Hi List,
> I'm experiencing the lack of support from the team of  www.gishosting.net
> I've  bought the hosting plan there to be able to deploy my school Cartoweb
> project
> If someone has experience in building Cartoweb project on
> gishosting.netcould you help me to realise:
None experience about me, but a few tips about this ...

> 1. What's the folder structure of the CartoWeb application there? (e.g. do
> I need to refer to the client.php file?)
Yes, I think so. All project start from client.php or by demoCW.php or another 
file of this kind which refers to client.php. Just take care to not allow 
users do not have access to file they don't need to.
> 2. Have they installed WAMP?
I don't think so, likely LAMP.
> 3. CartoWeb requires a command line instruction to install the project...
> how is this possible on remote server?
You can use cgi-bin, and the script to install cartoweb are written in php and 
can/have to be use with the php from cgi like php-cgi, php-cli, php, ...  the 
name of the php interpreter can change.

Hope this few indications can help you.

Yves Jacolin

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