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giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Wed Mar 1 03:03:00 EST 2006

I fixed the first error, due to a naming error. Now, the plug in is found
but I get the following error:

Class : CartocommonExceptionMessage : Error [8, Undefined property: 

My target consists on building up a new recenter plugin. I\'ve followed the
indications into HowToWriteANewRecenterPlugIn. This new plugin gets a text
string (name of a building and so on) and recenters the map on the specific
point. In  a db, there is the relation between name and coordinates. 
I\'ve created a new folder and put the template into it, and that is ok, the
plugin find the coordinates but than it crashes and returns the error above.
That is my code :

public function filterGetRequest(FilterRequestModifier $request) {}
    public function filterPostRequest(FilterRequestModifier $request) {
    $searchString = $request->getValue(\'buildName\');
    if (!empty($searchString)) {
        // To simplify we assume that only one result is returned by the
        list($x, $y) = $this->makeSearch($searchString);

        $this->request->setValue(\'recenter_x\', $x);  (1)
        $this->request->setValue(\'recenter_y\', $y);  (2)

protected function makeSearch($searchString) {
 // db connection atc.

 return array($x, $y);

If I delete the lines (1) and (2) there\'s no error but I don\'t get the
recentering. Can you help me?
Is  there a way to set a fixed zoom so I get a visible map in a time ?

In my not-smarty plugin, I\'ve set the distances for x and y to set a fixed
box around the found center.

Thanks in advantage

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Hi Giuseppe,
first, be sure you didnt used any function that require a server side ( your
plugin must not implements ServerCaller), 
also you must not call your plugin on the server side (in
server_conf/yourproject/yourproject.ini it must not be in loadPlugins = ...)
otherwise it may be something to do with the functions or objects you have
used but i cant say without seeing your actual code.


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Hi Alexandre,
in my first attemp, I wrote a new feature by linking a new  html/php page in
the main page, the results is ok but it\'s no too \"smarty\", then I\'ve
just tried to follow the suggested procedures,   HowToWriteaRecenterPlugin, 
Ive called my new plugin  myPlugin (what a immagination ), but when I recall
my project (which works fine in Cartoweb 3.2 ) I get : 

Couldn\'t load plugin ServerMyPlugin.
No errors during the compilation. I\'ve not written any server plugin, but
it seems I \'m not supposed to do .
what\'s wrong ?

Thanks in advantage.


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have a look at this tutorial:

The plugin writing principles are obviously the same for other kinds of 


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