[Cartoweb-users] How I can show the resultat of SQL query on anew Layer (Position of Vehicle for example) ?

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed May 10 02:29:51 EDT 2006

Using smarty is a piece of cake if you already know php. Beside, you only need to create an array with php containing the list of elements and feed that to smarty, which has some easy to implement function to generate dropdown list or whatever you want to use in the interface.


  Thank you for your answer, 
  I found something in postgis.fr which is going to help me.
  But how can i add a list in the interface of my project? (List of vehicle) is that it is necessary to master Smarty in order to make it ? 
  Knowing that I am in the habit of making it with PHP5 

  On 5/9/06, Alexandre Saunier <alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com> wrote: 
    if the position of your vehicle is stored for instance in a PostGIS
    table, you may use this table as the data source of a dedicated 
    MapServer layer.

    Baroudi Malek wrote:
    >   I like to show the position and the history of movement of vehicle on
    > the map .
    > So i having installed cartoweb and having created a new project. I look 
    > has interpreter the data base to show the position and history of
    > vehicle movement on the map.

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