[Cartoweb-users] problemas desde maquinas clientes

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Thu May 11 13:03:52 EDT 2006


I guess that your cartoclientBaseUrl is incorrect.
Probably something like instead of ("htdocs/" missing).
Have a look in client_conf/client.ini in your project directory.

When you launch the install script, make sure that the --base-url 
parameter is OK :
php cw3setup.php --install --base-url ...


daniel jaimes wrote:
> hello list,    I have problems when I print, since in the machine 
> servant it generates the following error to me:
>   Not Found
> The requested URL /cartoweb3/generated/pdf/map-11May2006-1051.pdf was 
> not found on this server.
> and in the URL it shows to me:
> and if the change by:
> if it works .
> on the other hand from the machines client when control to print: he 
> generates the following result to me.
> Page not found
> they can help me?

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