[Cartoweb-users] show geometric object with mapserver ?

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Sat May 20 15:44:38 EDT 2006

mapserver alone or mapserver+cartoweb?

In Cartoweb you need to create a new plugin that will make a request on the DB
and then generate some simple geometry (a point i suppose) at the given
I can show you some code exemple monday when im back to work and have my
projects files under the hand.

If only mapserver, I suppose you will have to code some phpmapscript functions,
but im no expert in that.


> Hi,
> I use postgresql-postgis in a project for fleet vehicle management,i need to
> have the last postion of vehicle
> I have create a table with :
> CREATE TABLE vehicle (id_vehicle serial, time timestamp, x numeric, y
> numeric,  speed text, PRIMARY KEY(id_vehicle ,time));
> what can i do to show last position with mapserver ?
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