[Cartoweb-users] locales on Debian Etch

Laurent Deschaumes ldeschaumes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 15:21:01 EST 2006

Hi all,

I want install cartoweb 3.3 on Debian Etch , but i have some probleme with
On Debian Etch /etc/locale.alias change to /etc/locale.gen ,
tesgettext.shand testgettext don't works.

If i change in testgettext.sh the line  LOCALE="fr" to  LOCALE="fr_FR"
and in testgettext.php $LOCALE="fr" to $LOCALE="fr_FR"
gettext tests are OK but cartoclient  internationalization always fails,
if i change  in the client.ini :
defaultLang = fr to defaultLang = fr_FR
and langList = fr, en  to langList = fr_FR , en_EN

launch  php cw3setup  --install  --base-url $BASE_URL

and rename  <PATH_TO_CARTOWEB>locale/fr to  <PATH_TO_CARTOWEB>locale/fr_FR
idem for "en"

cartoclient  works fine for french but  url to change to english  disappear.

any ideas to not do that

tks for responses.

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