[Cartoweb-users] httpd problems

Igor Evdokimov igev at mail.ru
Wed Nov 22 22:51:23 EST 2006


I have working CW 3.3.0 on Linux Slackware 10.0 on slow machine

The problem:

   Every request of Cartoweb to Apache results in
   a NEW <httpd> instance growing in size up to 15-20Mb.
   Every next request does not use these "used" instances, but
   creates another, and another ...

   So after such 3-5 requests all Apache <httpd>'s every of 15MB are used
   (I've set MAX number to 5) and it starts to drop them one-by one, and
   this is correct, isnt't it? But something goes wrong.

   When Apache drops them, the current Cartoweb request stops
   and only after several clicks on "Redraw" button the browser receives
   new map and data. Incomfortable :-(

   Can I somehow make this situation better? May be I need to force Apache
   to drop somehow these "used" instances in timeout between Cartoweb's request,
   but not during these requests? May be the installation of Apache 2.2.3 can help?

My system:

Slackware 10.0
Apache 1.3.37
Mapserver 4.8.3
PHP 5.1.4
450MHz CPU

Thanks a lot!

Sincerely, Igor Evdokimov.

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